A Thank You Letter, Received from the African Wildlife Foundation

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for your monthly gift totaled $4,925 to date, to the African Wildlife Foundation. You are now a crucial part of the fight to save Africa's wildlife and lands. Your gift will be put to use immediately where it will be most effective. This includes: 

  • Equipping local scouts with improved technology
  • Pressing for harsh criminal penalties for poachers and their financial backers
  • Training and using sniffer dogs to detect rhino horn and ivory at airports and seaports
  • Raising public awareness of the hard truth about poaching

These measures are crucial in protecting all of Africa's wildlife, whether they are vulnerable, threatened, endangered, or on the brink of extinction. No matter your contribution, you are already making a difference.

I'm so grateful you've joined this vital movement. Together, we will do everything possible to save Africa's wildlife for years to come.


Philip Muruthi

Vice President for Species Protection

Nairobi, Kenya